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Heaven & Hell 2017 – Results | AlpineSwift

Heaven & Hell 2017 – Results

Race Results

1 – Hylton Dunn – 9hr09min
2 – Nic Wiltshire – DNF (7hr28min for 21km)
3 – Andre Kleynhans – DNF (7hr28min for 21km)

1 – Travers Pellew – 4hr28min
2 – Sydney Speelman – 5hr52min
2 – Xolisa Madi – 5hr52min
4 – Oscar Mampetlane – 7hr28min
5 – Tony deCastro – 7hr51min
6 – Alicia Grobler (1st Lady) – 8hr15min
6 – Devon Flannagan – 8hr15min
8 – Grazia Galimberti – 9hr13min
Mihaela Pectu – DNF (3hr40min for 8km)
Lungisani Stampu – DNF (3hr30min for 8km)
Sendra Letsoalo – DNF (4hr28min for 8km)
Ezile Mboyi – DNF (3hr30min for 8km)
Stone Gopane – DNF (4hr30min for 8km)
Lebo Molemane – DNF (2hr18 for 8km)
Palesa Sengoatsi – DNF (3hr45min for 8km)
Zandile Khanyile – DNF (3hr39 for 8km)
Glenrose Mantloa – DNF (4hr02 for 8km)
Rudzani Ravele – DNF (5hr31 for 8km)
Tinaye Bizah – DNF (3hr42min for 8km)

1 – Peter Frost – 2hr00min
2 – Tabizis Mitchell – 2hr04min
3 – Kim Mitchell (1st Lady) – 2hr17min
4 – Ettiene Verwey – 3hr41min
5 – Netarie Verwey – 3hr41min
6 – Valana Isted – 4hr02min

5km Funrun:
1 – Mr Koibelo – 24min49.3sec
2 – Tsekiso Memo – 24min49.5sec
3 – Tusang Teisi – 24min49.6sec
4 – Nkatiseng – 26min32sec
5 – Matsietsi Rantuntu – 31min19sec
6 – Anga Dywili – 32min00sec
7 – Hastag Khuthazile – 32min00.4sec
8 – Zizipho Tobi – 40min22sec
9 – Zintle Tobi – 40min42sec
10 – Refuwe Kaludi – 40min51sec
11 – Siphosethu Bengeza – 41min20sec
12 – Lukisang – 41min22.2sec
13 – Lindi Rheeders – 42min28sec
14 – Elethu Sifuba – 43min00.2sec
15 – Sipho Sifuba – 43min00.3sec
16 – Sharlene Shankey – 43min00.4sec
17 – Boyolise Sifuba – 43min00.5sec
18 – Bianca Henning – 43min00.6sec
19 – Anelang Namole – 43min00.6sec
20 – Vuyo Mahgwo – 43min02sec
21 – Jill Steynberg – 55min02sec
22 – Fiona Sephton – 55min03.1sec
23 – Oyisa – 55min03.1sec
24 – Mariaan Henning – 01hr03min10sec
25 – Lezl Sephton – 01hr04min11sec
26 – Lizette Bain – 01hr04min11sec
27 – Charlene Vorster – 01hr05min42sec
28 – Bella Viedge – 01hr09min20sec
29 – James Viedge – 01hr09min30sec

Race Results

Heaven and Hell Mountain Marathon Race Report:

The 2017 Heaven and Hell Mountain Marathon presented by Alpine Swift Trails High Altitude Training Facility was hosted at Grace Hill Farm, outside Rhodes Village in the Southern Drakensberg Mountains on 23 September.

More than double the amount of entries were received than the inaugural “trial” race held in 2016. The 2017 race format was somewhat different from the 2016 race and includes an 8km, 21km and a 42km race. In the 2016 race, athletes repeatedly ran a brutal 8km loop in a circuit lap race format. This new race format provided more variation, new mountains and peaks to be summited and greater views including 360′ views over the Southern Drakensberg extending into Lesotho, but is no less challenging. With two loops extending to the south and the north of the Bell River respectively, athletes could choose to complete the first 8km loop or continue and then complete a further 13km loop, thus completing the 21km race. Those that entered the 42km mountain marathon are required to complete the 21km race twice.

The race route is extremely technical and brutal, including multiple mountains and peaks that need to be summited, the highest being at 2561m above sea level. There is minimal single track or jeep track running, with 80% of the race being run through remote wilderness terrain. With an average of 89m elevation gain per kilometer in the 8km, 21km and 42km races, these races are by far the most difficult races of these distances in South Africa (and very possibly worldwide) with respect to terrain and elevation gain per kilometer.

There were 6 entries in the 8km race, and all 6 runners finished within the generous 12hr cut-off:
1st Man – Peter Frost – 2hrs00min
1st Lady – Kim Mitchell – 2hrs17min

There were 19 entries in the 21km race, and 8 runners finished within the 12hr cut-off:
1st Man – Travers Pellew – 4hrs28min
2nd Man (tied) – Sydney Speelman&Xolisa Madi – 5hrs52min
1st Lady – Alicia Grobler – 8hrs15min
2nd Lady – Grazia Galimberti – 9hrs13min

There were 3 entries in the 42km race and only one person (Hylton Dunn) finished within the 12hr cut-off, completing the course in 9hrs09min.

A 5km fun run was also held. A relatively flat spectacular route along the Bell River, incorporating jeep track and single track was used. 29 runners participated, these were the fastest times:
1st – Mr Koibelo – 24min49.3sec
2nd – Tsekiso Memo – 24min49.5sec
3rd – Tusang Teisi 49min49.6sec

The organisers of the race, Hylton&Sunelle Dunn from Alpine Swift Trails High Altitude Training Facility based upon Grace Hill Farm, Rhodes, would like to give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for the protection of each runner, spectator, staff member, marshal, and medics.
Running through these mountains is very intimidating, especially when poor weather sets in.

The following sponsors also need to be thanked:
Twizza: Product Sponsorship
U Mac Poultry: Product Sponsorship
Inverness&Parkgate Farms: Francois Nel
Dunley and Malpas Farms: Stefaans Naude
Mount Nephin Farm: Robin Turnbill
Lovedale Farm: Janbert Rheeders
Mertoun Farm: Gerrit Henning
Deidre Gush: Meals
Garmed Ambulance Services

The Heaven and Hell Mountain Marathon route has now been finalised and the same course will be used in the next race to be held on 22 September 2018. Please visit www.alpineswifttrails.co.za for further updates and information.

Hylton and Sunelle Dunn
Race Directors